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Recording Gear

Top-tier analog tone.

Alongside our SSL 4000,

we house the following outboard gear(and then some!):

-Vintage UREI 1176LN

-Tubetronix LA-2A x4

-FatSo EL7X

-Purple Audio MC-77 x2

-Distressor EL8X x2

-Audioscape D-Comp

-Valley People Dynamite (original)

-Avalon VT737 (purple knob)

-Ward Beck m441 Preamps x2

-Vintage API 512c & 550b

-Focusrite ISA 110

  (Vintage Channel Strips x2)

-1073 Channel Strips x2

-Desert Island Channel Strip



Oldies but goodies.

Some of Our Mic Collection:

-Vintage Neumann U87 x4

-1962 Neumann U67

-Custom made Elam 251 x2

-Custom Made C12 Clone

-Advanced Audio CM48

-Custom made Neumann U47 x2

-1950s RCA BK5B Ribbon Mic

-Vintage AKG C414 B-ULS


-Vintage AKG 451 x2

-Vintage Sennheiser 441 x4

-Coles 4038 x2

-Shure SM7B

-Electrovoice RE20

-Vintage Shure 545 x4

-Vintage Sony C38B

-Aston Spirit

-Telefunken MD21

-AKG C451E x 2


At your disposal.

-70s Ludwig Vistalite 5 piece

-Vintage Ludwig supraphonic snare

-Vintage Ludwig acrolite snare

-Yamaha/Fender P bass

-90's Fender Telecaster Special

-90's Fender American Telecaster

-2012 Fender Carbronita Telecaster

-2009 Gibson Les Paul Raw Power

-Lero SG 

-Wurlitzer Electric Piano

-Fender Rhodes MKI 88

-Lester Parlor Grand piano

-Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

  (Rev 3.3)

-Roland Juno-106

-Sledge 2.0 Black Polyphonic Synth

-Sequential Circuits Pro-One

-Rhodes Chroma Polaris

-Korg Polysix

-Linn Drum

LiveRoom Drums3.jpg
LiveRoom amps.jpg


Plug and play.

-1964 Fender Champ

-60's Magnatone 401

-70's Traynor YBA-1 x2

-90's Fender Blues Deville

-60's Gibson GA-95 RVT Apollo

-1963 Ampeg ReverbRocket

-70's Traynor YBA-4

-Vox AC15 C1

-80's Fender Super 210


We strive to provide all of the necessities for your recording or mixing project.

Digital or Analog. All Recorders are paired with Antelope Orion 32+ Gen 3 and MADI Sync to SSL AX I/O.


Pro Tools Ultimate

Industry standard for tracking, editing and mixing. A full suite of professional tools to track and mix with.

Studer A80.jpg

Studer A80

Our calibrated 2" tape machine, Running at 15 or 30 ips. 24 Channels of tape goodness. This unit is the MKII with transformers in the audio path! 

Logic Pro X.jpg

Logic Pro X

The complete bundle for production and creation. Logic Pro X allows you to be free to bring any production or MIDI tracks to life. Paired with Native Instruments Komplete. Your creativity will have no limits.

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